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Gender: Women
Material: Stretch Cotton,Polyester
Size Top-M= 1 * Women Top,size M
Size Pant-M=1 * Women Pant,size M
Size Top&Pant-M=1 * Women Top,size M + 1 * Women Pant,size M
Please allow 2-3 cm measure error.
There could be some color difference because of different computer monitor, please kindly understand!

Top Size Detail:
Tag Size: S, Bust: 84cm (33.1in), Waist: 75cm (29.5in), Length: 45cm (17.7in), Sleeve: 48cm (18.9in)
Tag Size: M, Bust: 89cm (35in), Waist: 80cm (31.5in), Length: 46cm (18.1in), Sleeve: 48.5cm (19.1in)
Tag Size: L, Bust: 94cm (37in), Waist: 85cm (33.5in), Length: 47cm (18.5in), Sleeve: 49cm (19.3in)
Tag Size: XL, Bust: 99cm (39in), Waist: 90cm (35.4in), Length: 48cm (18.9in), Sleeve: 49.5cm (19.5in)

Pants Size Detail:
Tag Size: S, Waist: 66cm (26in), Hip: 98cm (38.6in), Leg opening: 23cm (9.1in), Length: 98cm (38.6in)
Tag Size: M, Waist: 71cm (28in), Hip: 103cm (40.6in), Leg opening: 24cm (9.4in), Length: 99cm (39in)
Tag Size: L, Waist: 76cm (29.9in), Hip: 108cm (42.5in), Leg opening: 25cm (9.8in), Length: 100cm (39.4in)
Tag Size: XL, Waist: 81cm (31.9in), Hip: 113cm (44.5in), Leg opening: 26cm (10.2in), Length: 101cm (39.8in)

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発送国日本平均配送日数7~14 営業日
材料/素材商品説明Women Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Joggers Tops Trousers Ladies Tracksuit Jogging Gym Pants Lounge Wear

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